How Apple uses AI and Big Data

Technology has changed the face of many businesses. It has revolutionized the way products were sold or customers were targeted.


Technology is not static, it keeps changing or better say developing. Every second day we are introduced to a new technology. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data are among the technologies that have gained popularity in the past few decades.


These technological inventions are equally beneficial for customers and businesses. It has narrowed the gap between the two ends of a market.


Back then when we did not have chatbots, we could not get replies to our basic queries. But today, we can just talk to chatbots and get our issue resolved, without even the need for human intervention. Almost every business is leveraging these modern-day technologies.


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We all know or have at least heard about Apple Inc. The company is considered to be among the top tech companies in the world. Being a technology-driven company, Apple is known for its rich utilization of various modern advancements in technologies.


In this blog, we will look at the use of two modern-day technologies by this tech MNC. We will try to understand the different uses of artificial intelligence and big data by Apple. We will begin with a brief description of this tech giant.

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