Learn from Apple’s Art of Tech Explanation

It is not about the number of GHz. It is about the power you feel.

Before the introduction of the M1 chip, I was extremely curious about how Apple will communicate such a complex, technical topic to a wide audience – the majority of people are not engineers.

Here are the conclusions after the keynote. We all should learn from Apple’s Team how to communicate difficult topics to people. I think they have done stunning work.

Now, grab the mug of your favorite coffee, and let’s reveal the secrets of a successful tech presentation!

Glanceable Charts
Charts are normally created to present detailed information—lots of points, lines, and numbers. However, you will not find them in Apple’s Keynote charts.

The chart does not have numbers or scales on the X & Y-axis. They would not mean anything to the majority of the keynote viewers. They have just labels – “Performance” and “Power Consumption.”

What’s more, Apple has also added an additional note to each position – “Performance – Higher is better,” “Power Consumption – Lower is better.” Thanks to this, everyone is able to see and compare the presented results.

What’s more, it is worth mentioning that the gradients used to visualize M1 Chip are also used to present it on a chart. This automatically binds the result with the analyzed object and creates a feeling of consistency – delightful! I am sure that everyone would intuitively know which line presented the Performance of the M1 CPU.

The final result is a clear and meaningful chart where you can compare new Apple’s CPU with others.

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